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Welcome to Penmarva Rifles. The fine rifles, antiques and heirloom primitive antiques found here originate from the early American Eastern frontier. We specialize in objects from the Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia regions from the late 17th century through the mid-19th century although interesting objects from New England and the early South often turn up here.

Penmarva Rifles is the online shop for Courtney B. Wilson and Associates.

Also visit us at: http://courtneybwilson.com

Our History

President/CEO Courtney B. Wilson

Courtney B. Wilson began his interest in historical weapons and fine antiques as a child and was inspired to continue his quest for knowledge through many visits to the shop of legendary antiques expert and dealer Joe Kindig in York, Pennsylvania. There he learned, as a teenager, to appreciate the beautiful craftsmanship of those early settlers who brought their skills and traditional arts from England, Germany and Switzerland and adapted them for life in the colonies.

He began buying and selling objects of interest in 1976 during the nation’s bicentennial. With more than 40 years of experience Mr. Wilson is a sought after expert, appraiser, broker and collections advisor by prominent auction houses, private collectors and museums. He serves on a number of non-profit boards in the heritage sector, is a 35 year member of the Kentucky Rifle Association and a board member of the Kentucky Rifle Foundation

Integrity and honesty are important hallmarks of his work and he has placed countless important objects in the hands of institutions and collectors across America. Mr. Wilson maintains close business relationships with experts in many fields of collecting and is, therefore, able to call on them to serve his clients as well. It is our sincere hope to be able to serve you and your interest in early objects from American history.

Courtney B. Wilson & Associates

“I’ve collected early Americana for most of my life. I met Courtney at a show over 20 years ago and he has remained one of my go-to dealers over the years. I have purchased hundreds of objects from him over time and have regarded him as fair, trustworthy, knowledgeable and always a pleasure to deal with.”

A.G.E. , Richmond, VA

We are always ready to get to work with new clients! Contact Courtney today and lets get started!

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